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Beginner asking for some good ear to tell me where i stand with this

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  • Beginner asking for some good ear to tell me where i stand with this

    So i jjust recently starting singing and i am really shy about my singing. I have sent it to friends and so on but i feel i just am not getting the right kind of feedback from them i wondered if perfect strangers might be better judges since they aren't gonna give me crap sort to say. 


    here is a link to when i sang perfect day by lou reed. Hope i can get a nice honest opinion of wether or not there is some talent i can persue and go take some singing lesson or just keep is as a hobby i.e. singing in my room having some fun thank you

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    Hi there,

    I will be completely honest with you. The pitch isn't quite there yet and tonality is a bit on the nasal side. But good effort nonetheless. If you're new to singing or haven't sung much in the past then you need to put in more effort and practice more. If you are serious about improvement then I would recommend getting voice lessons with a good teacher. At the time being I would suggest practicing simple scale exercises, or practice singing songs with simpler melodies. Be sure to record yourself and listen back to the recording, then you will be able to know what needs work.

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      Your voice is shaking like crazy. Are you nervous when you record?


      Otherwise, you're having significant trouble hitting the correct pitches.


      What is your own opinion? Do you hear something that you might've heard on the radio, or is there something about your recording that sounds 'off'?


      EDIT: I listened to your pokémon recording also. And generally you were below the correct pitch. But there were times when you almost hit the correct pitch, so don't give up just yet. You're not a hopeless case!

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        Right now each word is seperated it's as if you are saying each word individualy rather than treating each phrase of the song as a line of music that needs to be woven together and consistent. 

        To work on this you need to just breath out through each pharse so rather than stopping and restarting everything on each word just say the first word and don't restart the coordination after that, just keep breathing out until the phrase is finished.

        What I'm talking about really is consistent compression and airflow, you can find out more about this at either of the link below.

        Technique always comes before pitch so don't worry about it being in tune just yet, that will come in time and is one of the easiest parts of singing.



        SS YouTube

        My YouTube




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          Some good comments so far - nothing to add really except keep practicing and you'll get better..

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          ty everyone for the honest comments. nice to hear an actual opinion and not friends who say its "niiiice", with that prolonged i there that wasnt a typo. Okay back to practising whenever i have time and prolly go find me a good singing teacher.

          good day (not a perfect one maybe one day)

          from me kenneth aka joel aka gorm aka some other internet names i have used lol


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        Hi me again. I have had some singing lessons now and kinda wanna hear what ya guys think. Wanna know if my lessons are at least doing SOMETHING lol tell me what ya think. Been singing a bit rougher songs too. Maybe not the perfect recording this but ya know never seem to get it perfect at all. So is there some imprpvement is all im after.


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          Though its still fairly pitchy., the new recording sounds a bit more open and less nasal sounding. So I can notice some improvement.

          How long have you been taking singing lessons so far?
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            Only 3 lessons so far. So not that many. Tbh hoped for a bit more improvement allready but maybe a bit too soon to really make a big difference


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              I think you should keep at it. It takes at least a month or two to see a bigger improvement.
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