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    I think I breathe ok when I'm actually singing. It's the other non-singing times I under-breathe / shallow breathe.
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      Doing the lighter test on I believe I can fly. Noticed that towards the end I lost my support and the flame started flickering. But should stop singing cause side of my neck still strains a bit.

      It kinds sounds like I'm in some dark room with only a lighter to read the lyrics.


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        You NEED to the PTD-1!!! THE PTD1!!!!! PTD-1!!!!!!!


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          lol I don't know what that is.


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            You NEED to the PTD-1!!! THE PTD1!!!!! PTD-1!!!!!!!

            Let me ask you a question:

            Don't you have any musical products that are your "go to" pieces of gear? Do you think they are great? If somebody needs something, and your "go to" piece of gear fits the bill perfectly, do you keep your mouth shut, or do you suggest that piece of gear?

            The PTD-1 is my "go to" piece of gear for singing. It took care of every breath support issue that I had, and it keeps my breathing and breath support right where I want it to be. I can sing into any working microphone and as long as there is a decent working EQ it can be EQ'd to give me a usable sound. I have sung through some of the crappiest PA's out there up to some extremely nice ones; my favorite was a Bag End ELF Gem system that allegedly would go all the way down to 8HZ of chest pounding lows and that you could talk over - they claimed it could deliver the feeling of a concussion in your chest - like when a professional fireworks display goes off - yet you could still talk and be heard over it. Awesome rig. If they were affordable, and I owned one - that would be my "go to" PA system.

            My point is, this device works for me, and I would love to see other singers have the same breathing ability. very few of the guys that I know personally who have trained SLS can hold their notes out half as long as I can. Of course there are other things that I swear by as well - room temperature water, but that doesn't help you train to hold your floating ribs out for long periods of time. If you know how to breathe correctly, taker a deep breath, and hold your ribs open and keep them held open as you slowly allow your lungs to collapse.

            It isn't exactly an easy thing to do, and it certainly isn't a pleasant feeling - it is one of those things that you have to get used to doing. Using the PTD-1 takes the focus off of that - you end up focusing on the device, because it only allows a predetermined amount of air in or out.

            Training without it is like doing pushups to build your upper body, while using it is like lifting weights. Which on is going to make you stronger and more efficient? For me, I'll take the weight-lifting routine if I am going to have to do one or the other.

            Have you contacted him yet? If not, why not? I've learned a lot from the guy.

            Either way, I'm sure he will appreciate you advertising it for him.
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            Originally Posted by agedhorse

            You can't bridge these amps (yay).


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              It is because most voice instructors don't recognize the importance of breathing in singing. It is sad really. But that is why you have people like Jaime Vendera, Robert Lunte, and Al Koehn who are light years ahead of the rest of these people - because they recognize what the deal is - and teach it. That was why I was so interested in the PTD-1 - it helps train you to breathe this way.... actually, if you have it in your mouth - there is no other way to breathe through your mouth - it controls the flow of air. I was having a hard time doing it until I got this thing - because it gives you something to focus on.

              Do you have a link?

              Does anybody else know about this?


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                lol, i did it after i posted and realized i did put it backwards. yea, forget my first post in this thread. my bad.
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                I STILL love you!

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