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Best way to enhance voice for one off

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  • Best way to enhance voice for one off

    Hello there
    If I wanted my voice to be the best for a one off (one night), apart from the usuall drink plenty of fluid and warm up well, is there anything ells I could do like an over the counter medicen I could take to enhance my voice?


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    I think if someone invented a ' sing better ' pill they'd be billionaires !

    People swear by all sorts of homeopathic type remedies but you already mentioned the main one...water. Apparently it takes a number of weeks to be properly hydrated though.


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      I often refer to the unholy trifecta of a bad singing performance: dehydration, fatigue, illness. If I have at least 2 of the 3 licked for any given night I am usually good.

      DEHYDRATION: Drink lots of water, before and during (I usually like lemon in my water, and a bit of honey if my voice is feeling off that day.). Make sure you have lots of water available on stage. Avoid dairy as much as possible. The whole day if you can manage.

      FATIGUE: Get lots of rest: try to go to bed at a reasonable hour the night before. Try to reduce talking before a performance and between sets if you can. Don't strain your voice leading up to the performance. If I am already nursing a sore throat due to vocal strain or illness, I will take some ibuprofen.

      ILLNESS: Avoid getting sick Seriously tho - You *can* manage this though just basic hygiene (wash your hands lots) and staying rested and hydrated. If you DO get sick, try to make sure the other two unholy bases are covered (rest, hydration). Honey and lemon are your friends. Ibuprofen again can be helpful in the case of a sore throat - you may pay for this the next day but it can help get you through. Some people swear by throat lozenges. I find this is more of a placebo than anything else personally. Water is better. IMO

      Good luck!

      EDIT: And no: there is no performance enhancing vocal drug LOL
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        Aside from regular hydration by drinking plenty of water, you could try drinking 'Throat Coat Tea' and using nasal spray. Maybe chew mint flavour gum to help with a dry mouth and help open up the sinuses a bit as well.
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          OK so Honey Lemon and Ibuprofan mint gum