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The last of Jeremy (please review)

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  • The last of Jeremy (please review)

    I have done this song too many times now, now that I fell I must stop doing it and give up as no progress is being made .
    When I ask people what they think they say "owe its all a bit too pitchy" (like they heard the term pitch from shows like American ideot and America has tallent) but when I ask them to specify in more detail, like can you give me a note/ word that sounds to sharp or to flat then they all go quiet and one of there friends steps in to back them up and still say its all too pitchy and you should of listened more to my friend who is trying to help.
    But anyway forget them they think they know it all but know fk all!

    So this could indeed be the last time I ever do this song again! But this time I have changed something...please Read on.
    I have tried to focus on saying every word properly like I was talking and not singing. In practice this has meant my mouth and tongue touching more often then not because we create valves with our mouth open but we create consonants while closing the sound off by our lips or tong toughing.

    So I have listened to my rerecording and it dose sound different then previous attempts. But I am wondering if I am still hitting the correct notes at the same time and if it sound better then before or not.

    A review with positive criticism and how I could improve it apart from "owe I don't like it" and with out even giving an explanation as to why, would be greatly appreciated


    Please not I have only bother singing the vocals of the first part upuntil the fist chorus

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    Hi James,

    I had a few listens to your recording. I am noticing some improvement. I think your tone has gotten a lot better since the first time I've heard you. And I think your pitch for the chorus part has gotten a lot better as well. You mention this is the "last of Jeremy", but you can always revisit the song sometime later in the future, it's a good idea to take a break from certain songs that have been sung too many times. What other songs are you considering covering next?
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      Well to be honest everyone was reviewing it and said it was no good with out even given a reason, infact one of the regular posters on this forum has said there has been no improvement, so if that where the case then I fail to see the point in carrying on with the song anymore; as if its no good for public performance, that is why I have used the term "the last of". But having said that these people on the internet are not musicians or even come anywhere close they are just pretending and playing at it karaoke bullS time again

      I was hoping to have enough decent songs to put a 20 minute slot together, but if I cant get this one right then I fail to see the point of moving onto another song as that will be just as bad