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  • Looking for an An Objective Ear


    Just wondering if someone could please critique my foundational technique to my singing.


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    Sounds good to me. Pitch good. Vocal control good.

    Mood -- lovelorn -- is an appropriate interpretation of the song.

    The only thing that I wasn't immediately convinced about (and it may just be a style thing, rather than anything fundamental) was the chest resonance, particularly right at the beginning. It didn't sound natural to my ear. It sounded added. I think that it is actually heading in an interesting direction, so I may as well not have mentioned it.


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      thanks for the feedback kickingtone! lovelorn is a good descriptor. What do you think the next step in this song is? I am trying to add vibrato to my voice, but do you think there is any other high impact thing I can do to my delivery of this song? thanks

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    Hi hydropo,

    I had a few listens to your recording. Relative pitch is pretty good. Though somewhat nasal sounding, meaning a lack of nasal resonance. I would focus on developing resonance along bringing in some head register into the mix. Though you were singing mainly in the lower range, the earlier you can introduce the head register the better the overall tonal balance will be. Good effort, keep it up.
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