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Help choosing the right hardware to teenage daughter

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  • Help choosing the right hardware to teenage daughter

    I have a teenage step-daughter, 13 years old, that loves to sing and sometimes perform for other people. In my local music store/guitar store I've seen a package for newbie vocalists, and I'd like to buy something like that for her. She likes to sing pop, singer/songwriter and other "easy listening" songs. I'm a metalhead myself, so the genres she likes are not my strongest side.
    She has a beautiful and unique voice, but are still very shy and gets embarassed when she sings infront of family (strangers are okey).
    So, what should I buy? What sort of microphone and amplifier?

    I have gotten some advice:

    Shure SM58
    CAD U37
    Behringer Xenyx
    Q802 USB
    EROL "Vocal studio" app for iOS

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    In terms of microphones, you can't go wrong with a Shure SM58, especially good for live applications. For home recording a large condenser mic might be better, such as a Rode NT-1a. Regarding amps, it really depends on venue size and your price range.

    What's the main purpose for the microphone? Live or recording?
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      what difference would a better microphone do?