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Can someone help determine my voice type?

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  • Can someone help determine my voice type?

    I think I'm a high/lyric tenor, but I'd like your guys' opinions just to be sure. Check out the link below, the clips are all short, promise 😅.
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    Hi there,

    I checked a few of your clips. In my opinion, I don't find that much value from trying to determine your voice type at this point of your vocal development. I would first try to gain a stronger grasp on the concepts of breath support and an open throat in order to make a more worthwhile assessment. But if I had to guess you're possibly somewhere in the tenor category judging a bit from your timbre.
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      your Fach sounds pretty high. I don't think you're a bass or baritone. just sing where your throat and vocal muscles feel comfortable. if it is painful to sing certain lower or higher notes then don't song there