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    Good afternoon,

    I am a music producer and would like to be able to sing to my own music in the future. I'd like you to listen to a snippet of me singing and to review it and tell me what are some of the main problems in my voice and if you think that with lots of training i can be able to sing really well (and i know that takes years).
    By the way, my speaking voice is very hyponasal. I'm going to the doctor to see if it's some anatomical problem or bad vocal habits that make me speak this way. I try to be conscious of it when i sing and try to correct it, but tell me if it's still too noticeable pls


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    I can't hear any "main problems". Decent pitch. Projection? It may not stand out in some mixes, but that depends on the mix.

    What are you waiting for? You can clearly do it.

    Up the range, until you meet your next barrier. Sing a fast piece that tests your vocal agility. Go the other way and try pieces with longer held notes. Try songs where the pitch jumps all over the place. Keep exploring and adding to what you have. Sounds to me like you have a decent base.

    btw. The effect nasality has on speaking is not necessarily the same as on singing. For some people, their speaking nasality works wonders in singing. It all depends on your creativity as you build your voice, and on the sound and style that you want to build. People sometimes try to sing round aspects of their voice that would be better worked in to their singing. Listen to some Indian singers and how they handle nasal vowels. It's actually part of the style, and sounds good to my ears. I was actually listening to an Indian coach today, on Youtube.

    You can skip to 2:40