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Recording Audio in Cubase 8.5 not aligning to Grid!

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  • Recording Audio in Cubase 8.5 not aligning to Grid!

    Hi All,
    ok, this is really a frustrating problem, it happend to me many years ago and
    i do not remember how i fixed it. Cubase went totally nuts. The Audio does not
    line up to Grid anymore. No matter what you do it feels like the Latency is
    completely Bypassed. At 2048 Buffer Size the Audio is even faster then the Clic
    it self and is recorded way before it supposed to be, instead of being late.
    At even 32 Buffer Size when you play live notes there is no Latency, once you
    recorded to Audio the Audio is late on the up to ...20...i don't know
    what you would call the measurement in the Wave Editor. I tried the MIDI on the
    TC Impactm, i tried USB MIDI Sport, both of them the same. To save time to you
    there is no need of explaining Audio Latency, i already know how that works, the
    problem is what i am experiencing now it is not suposed to be like this. I know
    for a fact that even working with 20-30 ms Latencies when recording to Audio
    the Audio lines up, Latency is there only when plaqying live. This is weird, any
    help would be apreciated. I can't evem work like this now and i do not remember
    doing anything speciffic except i guess some updates and the GFX Drivers Update.
    This is totally weird, on every take of recording is different, not even late

    the same every time...if you open the wave editor and keep clicking on and
    off musical mode it keeps pushing the wave forward on each

    This is my Config:

    Cubase Pro 8.5.20 x64
    Win 7 x64 and Win 10 x64
    TC Impact Twin
    USB MIDI Sport Uno
    MOBO: ASUS SaberTooth X99 USB 3.1
    GFX: ASUS GTX 960 Strix OC Edition 2GB
    CPU: Intel I7 5820K
    RAM: 4x8 GB G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 Series, PC4 21300
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    Sounds like you're monitoring the processed audio when recording instead of the zero latency audio that passes directly through your interface in real time.

    Its been awhile since I used Cubase but the basics shouldn't have changed.

    Whichever track you're recording on, go to the virtual mixer and pull the slider all the way down (off)
    This should stop any processed audio from passing back to the interface.
    Also remove or turn any plugins off.

    Your computer obviously isn't fast enough for you to use plugins as substitutes for hardware effects.
    With a high speed quad system and plenty of memory you may get the latency low enough to track listening to the processed signal, but most computers are over 100ms which is pretty drastic. Chances are however you simply left the volume slider up which feeds the processed signal to the interface so whats you're hearing when you track is delayed so anything you record will be track shifted.