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  • Dumb upgrade question

    Ok...I want to upgrade the way I record on my computer. Now, I'm going through an analog type method. I plug into my little Behringer board and get into the computer using my Audigy soundcard. The Scarlett 212 seems a reasonably priced and fairly well regarded interface. Problem is...I'm still using Vista, and that interface does not support it.
    Ok...I've a Dual core Intel running at 2ghz. Windows 10 sez it will run on a 1ghz processor speed. So what I'm asking is if any of you have an opinion on whether or not I'll be asking too much of the Old Girl to upgrade to Windows 10.
    Buying a new computer is out of the question, but I can swing the Windows upgrade and the outlay for the Scarlett.
    Any and all opinions greatly appreciated.

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    If you can upgrade to Win 7 it would be much better. I use Win 10 at work and tried it on one of my home computers and it sucks big time from major latency issues. Not many crashes but the mouse and web p[ages constantly freeze up.

    I'm not sure how well it would do running a local audio recording program off the drive, but it does bury all kinds of useful tools you regularly need to get to. Both 8.5 and 10 suck for a DAW in my book for these reasons. They are way over bloated with junk programs, utilities and services running in the background. What's ideal for Audio is to strip the OS down to its bear bones, shut off all non essential services, block all widgets and programs on the task bar, remove anti virus programs and any other program that isn't directly needed for your music work, then unplug the internet cable and never plug it in to do upgrades.

    By doing this you can go 10 years without ever having a virus or crash and the system will be stable as a rock.

    As far as running the Focusrite. They have decent preamps, but for the cost they are way over priced.
    Tascam is a much better deal for what you get. I picked up a 6 channel US-1200 from Musicians Friend last year for $89.
    Its been running flawlessly so I'm going to replace my 24 channel M-Audio PCI cards with the US-1800 which is a 16 channel interface that has 8 mic preamps and 8 line level inputs.

    I only use 16 channels when tracking a full band and the old PCI card system has more then done its job. They are actually very stable and fast
    but they are PCI and I eventually want to upgrade my dual core to a quad core and they just aren't making computers with those slots any more, plus the breakout cables from the cards need to be run to multi channel preamps and patch bays and the wiring for all that stuff becomes a major nightmare.

    I bought the 6 channel mainly because of the sales price and I wanted to test its capabilities when recording solo stuff.
    Its only got two line level and 4 mic inputs. This was a small issue because I use two channels for tracking guitar using stereo preamp modelers and another 2 channels for an electric drum machine. I got myself a two channel DI box that converts line level to mic level and its worked like a champ so I can record 4 line level signals at the same time.

    The unit doesn't have enough channels for recording a full band as I like but for solo I'm walking in tall grass.
    The 16 track Tascam is about $250 which is an outright steal when you compare to anything else out there. Focusrite has an 8 channel for about $700 and in order to track 16 channels you need to buy an additional ADAT unit (which the advertisement doesn't describe very well) in order to use more then the 8 channels. Many others like Motu, Presonus and others are the same way.

    I'll also mention the Tascam are built into metal rack units with decent jacks knobs and have excellent preamps. Focusrite uses plastic boxes.