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Recording project - possible to record different parts on different PCs & interfaces?

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  • Recording project - possible to record different parts on different PCs & interfaces?

    I'm thinking about doing a collaborative recording project. Some tracks would be recorded at my house, and other tracks would be recorded at a friend's home studio. Both machines run Windows, the home studio guy is using an older version of Cakewalk Sonar. So obviously we have to use the same DAW, and the entire project has to use the same sample rate and bit depth. But I've had trouble in the past trying to record tracks on one machine and then do overdubs or mixing on another. I think I was using a Lexicon Omega interface to record and then trying to do some mixing on the home PC's internal soundcard. I got lots of glitching and drop outs.

    Yes, I'm aware I could cut-and-paste individual tracks and takes (as WAV files I presume) from one DAW to another, but that seems to be a bit of trouble. I just want to show up with my USB drive, cut tracks at my friend's studio, then take the tracks home and mix them there.

    Tips, suggestions, admonishments? Thanks.

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    We are using Audacity for recording in our rehearsal room and use it on our different home PCs for listening to and mixing our recorded tracks, e.g. the drummer has the Linux version, our bass player and me use Windows 10 or Windows 7 with Audacity. So far everything works fine as interchangeability is concerned, but you should check the latency correction option in Audacity on every involved computer of course. It looks like the default -130ms works well for most of them.

    The one problem we have when recording seems to be with an unstable latency of the PC in the rehearsal room which fooled us recently while using a click track on one song.
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      Save the projects as CWP bundle and they should open up in any version of cakewalk or sonar.

      What wont open up is any plugins unique to the particular version.
      If plugins were saved with the project you will get errors saying Sonar could not find such and such plugin as its trying to open the project. The tracks will load, but wherever the plugins were placed will be dummy place holders. You can delete those and simply use your own plugins.

      Your DAW has to have the same dll plugins as the person who bundled the file for those plugins to open on another computer.

      You could also render/process/write your plugins into the tracks after mixing. You save the presets, select the track, select the processing tab, (or right click on the track with X versions of sonar) find the effects and process them into the waves. Then remove the plugins before saving the project as a CWP bundle. This makes the effects permanent so be sure you want them added because they cant be undone.

      I've opened Cakewalk 8 projects in sonar 4 and 8 without an issue. Haven't tried X1 but I'm sure its the same. I've opened up sonar 8 projects in Sonar 4 without a problem too.

      The other thing you'll have to do is assign your interface ins and outs. When the project was saved as a bundle it was wired to whatever sound card was being used. Sometimes it applies the most logical attributes of the current device, but if it cant figure it out it may guess wrong or be left blank.

      I don't think you can combine two projects. For example, if you have project A and someone created a different project, the two wont merge.
      You still have to unite those through your import and export functions, but if you are trading the same project back and forth, there shouldn't be a problem with you opening up their project, recording your tracks, bundling it back up and sending it to them (and vice versa)

      Cubase has a similar bundling functions using their own file extensions. I've created some but only had one version of Cubase so I've never tried opening them in different versions of the program but I believe they do a similar thing with compatibilities. Other programs may have similar unique bundling or semi compatible bundle formats. I don't do allot of work with different manufacturers like a Pro studio might but most studios run multiple DAW formats so when they get in projects they have a way of opening them for mixing. Saves time not having to import dozens of individual tracks then realigning them all which can be a PITA.


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        This is absolutely possible. You don't export the entire project, you export the stems and whoever is handling the mixing imports the stems into whichever DAW they're using.


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          Originally posted by Mr.Grumpy View Post
          then trying to do some mixing on the home PC's internal soundcard. I got lots of glitching and drop outs.

          Internal PC audio for anything are notoriously bad. Use an audio interface for mixing or your asking for problems.


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