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    I want to improve my website/administration thereof, and in order to make it easier to apply changes to it I was wondering how to do the following:

    If every page of a website has the same menu-/navigation-bar on top and the same bottom (like copyright info, etc.), is there a way this common 'frame' can be just coded once and then every page of the website be referred to it?
    So, that if I want to change the top-menu (like add another item to it for example) I only have to do that once as opposed to for every single page of the website?
    How would I do this?
    Is that what 'frames'  in html coding are?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    What most people have done is switch to a WordPress format. That makes it very easy. There are some other options. You can make a template and paste new content in a "frame" that is the body of text while all the other elements remain elsewhere in a "table" --but, you have to know what that all looks like in HTML. The other way is using CSS (cascading style-sheets) and (again) paste the content into the style-sheet in the appropriate content space.

    You will need an HTML editor that enables you to do one of the latter two choices. Hence the popularity of WordPress.

    I own several domains. I use a manually coded format for my publishing company. I use WordPress for a photography magazine I publish and a blog to promote my last book. I also use a blog-style WordPress site to promote my music involvement.

    I have a travel blog using WordPress, too.

    I'd check with your hosting service and see if you can use WordPress. It is powerful and easy.

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    • Santuzzo
      Santuzzo commented
      Editing a comment

      Thank you very much!

      I have been looking into php, which I think might do this.

      But I will look into CSS as well.

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    I own several websites. I use a personally written structure for my posting company. I use WordPress for a photography journal i post and a weblog to advertise my last guide. I also use a blog-style WordPress site to advertise my songs participation.

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      If you really like php then your web server should have support php and mysql. Then you need to install php and mysql on your computer.
      This might help you for php installation.


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        I think you should use wordpress.This will solve all your problem.