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Best free firewall for free antivirus?

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  • Best free firewall for free antivirus?

    I am using Win XP, and it comes with a firewall, which I have never really done anything with.

    A friend got a virus, even though he had Norton on his system, and later was told that a firewall would have helped him.

    I heard that if you are using free anti-virus, that it is better to use the free Zonealarm firewall then the WinXP firewall.

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    Use Microsoft Security Essentials.


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      I'm using ZenOK free antivirus for a couple of months far so good


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        What if I have XP & have the virus on the tower that was being given out as a antivirus program awhile back 6 momths

        I can get it to boot into safe mode ...but I don't know how to work anything

        I need to clean the tower up ..any advice ,,,I got you guys on here to give me some tps on getting the virus off the tower , but , I just couldn't figure it out & I get tired of asking the same stuf over & over ..

        so any help / info would be great ...thanks Kevin
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        thanks ..Kevin


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          Despite of using any external firewall in your system its better advisable to configure some of the most vital features of the inbuild firewall which comes along with operating system to make it perform to its best.


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            Use microsoft security, total 24*7 security, kshaparsky.


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              I am using AVG and i think it is perfect.


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                I second the AVG endorsement. I've been using it for years with no breaches. I use the paid version however.