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    Hi, I have a Opcode Studio 64 XTC
    midi-interface. I´ve been using it
    for a while, but then, a while ago, I had
    to re-install my system.

    before, I had Win 98.
    After installation win 98 SE.

    Now, since Opcode is almost
    completely gone, they didn´t provide any new
    drivers for win 98 SE and above, so I switched back
    again to win 98.

    But now, neither opcodes own patchbay program
    find the driver I installed, nor does Cubase.
    And, if I try to search for the driver file (which goes
    by the name of "stu64xtc"), it cannot be found.

    Before this, I took out my old soundcard and put in
    a new one. To be specific, a Pulsar II.
    I haven´t installed any software for it yet, since I
    wanted the interface to be working first.

    Do the soundcard and the midi-functions have
    anything to do with eachother? That would be strange,
    since I´m connecting the interface to the computer
    through a COM-port. (Yes I have checked the IRQ, the
    range, tried both ports and I have nothing else
    connected to them other than the interface.)

    So the question is:
    How do I make My Win98 (1st edition)
    recognize the Studio 64 xtc driver??
    And how do I know that it´s installed, if I can´t see it
    or search for it?

    I´ve been messing with this for weeks.
    I´m bloody tired of it...

    Please help.....

    //Tobias Ottahal, Sweden