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Sharing GarageBand projects between iPads

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  • Sharing GarageBand projects between iPads

    How can I send a GarageBand song (project) created in iOS GarageBand to a friend so he can then load it in his iPad, edit it, add to it and send it back to me?

    Every time I Google for a solution I get "Here's how you share a song in GarageBand". These tutorials never detail how to share a song (project), they show how to rendegr a song (project) to a single audio file and send it somewhere. Note that what I would call a "project", GarageBand calls a "song".

    I have seen some solutions that are quite convoluted, requiring transfer via iTunes and the use of an iMac. Let's assume the two musicians in my scenario only have iPads. Maybe it would be easier if we both bought Cubasis (or similar) and moved on from GarageBand?
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