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Latency (or stretching) in MIDI Track with EXS24

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  • Latency (or stretching) in MIDI Track with EXS24


    I designed a custom instrument in EXS24 for the first time and I’ve got problems.
    I found a realistic guitar sound (pack) to use EXS24 in MIDI channels and loaded its WAV files to the sampler. The problem is that the result is a very big latency but I’m not sure if it’s consist of that usual well known latency, because -especially in low notes- the notes sounds like they’re stretched; start time, attack time -or picking duration- of the note sounds longer than the original WAV files.
    Is there a method to solve this problem? Am I missing a very simple setting?

    I must say that I loaded lots of wav files into this EXS24 instrument (more than 120).

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    Are you loading a single sample, or a set of multisamples? From the description, it sounds like a single sample is being mapped to the entire keyboard and is therefore being transposed and stretched on the low notes, resulting in the slow attack and other weirdness. I am not really familiar with the EXS24, but I'd start by double checking the sample mapping to insure it's using the multisamples and not just transposing a single sample. It's also possible the multisample set has limited samples in the low frequency range, resulting in a sample that's stretched so far the weirdness is becoming audible - I've seen that before too.


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      A set of more than 120 samples of WAV files. And yes, samples were limited in lows. Actually in EXS24's window they all sounds fine, but when I use that instrument in Logic those weird things happens. (I changed the route to do the same thing with Kontakt.) Thank you..
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