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Basic garage band for ipad questions

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  • Basic garage band for ipad questions

    I realize this is super basic, but I'm very new to DAWs and was just looking to get my feet wet on garage band before moving up to a better setup on a desktop (which I will have to buy)
    I'm having two problems with garage band. First is that I can't directly plug audio into the ipad. The second one is that if I plug in midi input, it disables the audio output on the ipad (so I can't hear the other tracks while playing or what I'm playing unless if I'm separately connected to external speakers). I've read that I'm supposed to change the preferences, but I don't see any preferences on garageband 2.0.6

    Does anyone know how to solve these? If not is there another basic DAW out there that would be a good intro? thanks in advance

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    Problem is you don't have an interface and the onboard sound card is crap for recording. I have it installed on my phone but to tell you the truth, other then it being able to record from the mic I haven't bothered with it.

    When you have an interface its true duplex and will install the proper drivers needed to monitor what you're playing. I'm not a tablet expert but I don't know how many are true duplex or will run anywhere close to the speed needed to monitor midi at near real time. In audio, the interface acts like a mixer and you can feed a signal into the interface and right back out again to monitors. This way you hear yourself play in real time. The recording goes on in the background unheard. During multitracking, the previously recorded tracks play back through the interface and you play along to them at the same time. The input signal gets tapped from the source and sent to the drive and automatically aligned with the tracks playing back so there isn't latency.

    With Midi, you need to use virtual instruments running to produce sound. The midi signal itself contains no sound, its just a list of commands that tells the software what to do. Unless the unit has the ability to Load, and Run, those virtual instruments and play them back through the sound card in real time, then there's nothing you can do to fix that. Its mainly a software/hardware issue where all have to be compatible to work properly. The software specs should tell you what hardware you need to run it properly. If the hardware doesn't match you may be able to load it and run some things but others may not work or it can even crash the system when its under full load.

    I'd definitely look up the tablet and software specs and compare them. Then I'd read the software manual. Somewhere in there you should have answer. This is how I learned to do it and since its something you'll need to follow step by step its best to follow the manual.


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      Yes, you need an interface.

      Also, Garageband is dreadful in terms of the interface. I think we may be talking about severe budget constraints - OP, is this true? Interfaces with a decent noise floor are +/- $100, and Auria ($40) is a great DAW written for iPad.