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Windows software on Macbook Pro

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  • Windows software on Macbook Pro

    I own a 2013 Macbook Pro and recently purchased some music hardware and got Cubase LE and some VTS apps for free.
    Should I use Boot Camp or just buy a PC.
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    Parallels allows you to run mac and windows software side by side. Boot camp works, but then you have to reboot to switch OSs. By the way, Mac's run Windows quite well.


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      VMware, well works, although I don't use it with music software.. But everything else works well, and is snappy. Each version of VMware gets simpler to use.. Almost lilke using Mac.. you can pretty much guess what the commands do. Plus Vmware and Parellels, let you switch back and forth between Windows and OSX 10.. Rebooting is a real pain, and kills the creative process.


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        I agree that rebooting is a pain, but as to the original question - yes, Boot Camp works very well, and you should be able to run your Windows software using it. If you have the money for two different computers, that approach can work well too. My main DAW / Desktop computer is a PC, and my laptop is a MacBook Pro. I tend to run the PC stuff on the PC instead of using Boot Camp, and of course, the Mac stuff on the MBP.

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          "My main DAW / Desktop computer is a PC"

          OK - how do I get rid of latency issues? ASIO4All? Are you willing to spec out everything? Because it's driving me crazy.