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M-box incompatibility .

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  • M-box incompatibility .

    Anybody else run into the problem that the m-box from pro tools won't work with the version of OS that I have (Maverick10.9.2) but it will some earlier versions?

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    I've had hardware stop being compatible with later OS. Was Windows in my case. On Mavericks, I didn't lose anything from that upgrade. But if M-Box doesn't run currently, it won't run later either. Bite the bullet and find some hardware that works. Used to cost $50 K to put together a good recording studio, now you can do it for about $2K. That leaves some serious money for an interface or two. I'm using an Alesis MultiMix 16 firewire for recording. Thats about 8 years old and works just fine. (Though I did have to upgrade my version of Cubase when I upgraded to Lion.)