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How to re-record parts in Garage Band?

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  • How to re-record parts in Garage Band?

    This is a basic question that I feel stupid for not knowing the answer to. But how do you delete only a section of a song and then fill that empty section in without having to time it out perfectly? For example, if I deleted a section at 20-2:10, is there anyway I could start the recording at 1:50 (so as to "prepare" myself for the upcoming section break), and be able to still keep everything from 1:50-20 from the first version, while also being able to then fill in the gap from 20-2:10 with the new recording?

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    There are likely several ways. I'm not an apple guy but most daws should have the same features.

    One method is to set up timing markers and have the track automatically switch to record when it gets to the first marker, then
    stop recording when you hit the second marker. You simply play along to the song and it will punch in and punch out the part as you're playing.

    A second method is to record another track, then highlight the part you want to fill into that gap and cut and paste it in by dragging it into the new track.
    This takes some skill because you can wind up shifting the timing fitting it in.

    You can also use automation or cross fading. Record the second track, automate the playback volume on the first track to cut down and the second track
    come up at the same time. Or you can fade one track down with an envelope tool and have the other track envelope up in volume.

    There are likely more, but those are some of the common ones. You'll have to check the manual and see what the program offers.