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Song data on CDs? Is this normal?

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  • Song data on CDs? Is this normal?


    I'm getting set to print a CD and a friend sent this list of suggestions from a DJ. I'm good with 1, 2 and 4 but I don't know what he means by "Make sure your CD has the song titles, times, album title and artist all electronically placed on the CD before sending it out." I thought CDs were generally just audio data.

    So, assuming he's not crazy, how do I get that information in there? I use Logic Express 8 for recording and iTunes to burn the CD.


    4 wishes from a DJ to artists concerning the CD's you send out for airplay
    (1)  Make all the information on your CD cover readable (i.e. no red type
    face on an orange background, no font size so small that it could only be
    read with a microsope).  I'm old, I need all the visual help I can get.
    (2)  List the song name(s) and the playing time for each on the CD cover.  
    I can't squeeze a 6:12 song into a 3:45 space.
    (3)  Make sure your CD has the song titles, times, album title and artist
    all electronically placed on the CD before sending it out.  I have stopped
    typing in the information for CD's that come to me with no e-info on the
    disc.  And that means it doesn't get played on my program.  Submitting the
    disc info to Gracenote or similar databases is a good thing.
    (4) PLEASE let me know if you've used an f-bomb or some other off-colour
    language in a song.  I hate being surprised (and embarassed) when you don't
    tell me about language issues.  (Think of the George Carlin's bit called "7
    Words".  Heed it) 
    There is more than one way to do this. Notes Norton

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    it is good to safe al the data in cd is safe the songs for the long time


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      He either means one of two things.


      1. I used Waveburner to burn my CD's which offers 'CD Text' input. You can insert the tracks and artist details, etc... to the CD so it will show the track name etc when played on a compatible CD with CD text.


      2. He simply wants a text file burnt on to the CD that contains all the information. 


      He does mentioned Gracenote which if I remember correctly is the service that iTunes uses to check the songs on a CD (as well as other general information). If you've ever put a music CD in your Mac then run iTunes then you'll notice it connects to the internet to check on the CD that's been inserted and retrieves the tracks. You can create your own CD then insert it and 'submit' your own CD gracenote. I haven't done it for a while now but I suspect it's still there somewhere..


      I'd contact them back to check what they're expecting from you as to be honest, it's a little ambiguous.  

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        Thanks, Rimmer. I use iTunes to burn CDs and have (finally) found the "include song text" check box. Right there on the CD burning page but I'd never noticed it. I imagine that's what he means. I also intend to enter my info in Gracenote.