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Looking for Music Notation Software for Mac

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  • Looking for Music Notation Software for Mac

    Hello, I need to transpose some scores, but don't want to do it by hand. Since this is a hobby, I don't want to spend $100's of dollars.

    My boss suggested "Crescendo" as a good shareware notation software. Unfortunately, I didn't see that there was a version that would work on a Mac.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a good software?


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    I'm sure you've already found your answers but for those of you who stumble across your message I recommend either Finale or Sibelius. Both have software versions around $100. You can download demos and make sure you test all the functions you need. I chose Finale because it worked flawlessly on my Mac and Sibelius had issues even though it was very easy to enter notes. These are the top 2 and you really can't go wrong with either.
    Finale -
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      I use MuseScore, it's freeware. Enjoy!