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Imac i3 SnowLeopard and Audio Interface

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  • Imac i3 SnowLeopard and Audio Interface


    I need to update my Audio Intraface (had a eMac 2004 USB 2.0 model (R.I.P) and used a Tascam US-122(USB 1.1 as well) without issue, Tascam stopped driver updates at OSX 10.5 Leopard to use with a new Imac i3(latest issue)
    3.0.6 GHZ 4GB ram that is really nice and fortunately all of the gear except the audio interface had/has Snow Leopard Drivers
    (though OSX 10.7 Lion is on the Horizon and Ilife 11 and Garageband 11'
    (now records at 24bit)

    I am fine with USB 2.0 as a Audio Interface (I have read up quite a bit)
    and Firewire 800 Audio Interfaces are $$$ and few and far between, Firewire 400 are there yes) but in theory are slower data wise
    I have read the + on music with FW (and FW400) and - using it versus USB 2.0, I just would like one to work out of the box, have 2-3 XLR ins, Balanced
    1/4 ins , maybe a high Z, midi-in and out and SPDIF , I read up on the Tascam US-144mkII and it requires a SNow Leopard driver download from their site (thats fine) but ? going forward
    I have seen so many I can not keep the names straight, but without breaking the bank , is any one familiar with a USB 2.0 Audio-Interface
    with these Spec's that is Snow Leopard 10.6 compatible out of the box(ironically Tascam's US-100 is but has 1 instrument in and one XLR in)

    Presonus, Focusrite, Apogee, RME have looked at these +++
    online, in forums, magazines, books etc
    Any Help would be greatly appreciated, * I am a home hobbyist, one person band, guitar , amp(s), microphones, midi keyboard, some digital
    modeling processors (line 6) that I can record direct via USB but
    currently have no Audio Interface for Mic's in etc, I do have monitors
    Can work around a bit bit having a Audio-Interface sure helps recording!
    Peace and Thank You

    Thanks and Sorry for a long Post

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    "(The New Testament) is a work of crude carpentry, hammered together long after its purported events, and full of improvised attempts to make things come out right." Christopher Hitchens, R.I.P


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      Thanks for Your Reply,

      I am not rich or would just go out and look at RME , a MOTU
      FW or Hybrid
      I am suprised (after getting a Huge Catalog from a company and a neatly arranged chart on Audio Interfaces (FW400, USB (thats where I was suprised, as their are so many USB 1.1 compared to USB 2.0) and then PCI and having a iMac that part I do not need
      I do not recall what I paid for a Tascam-US-122 (USB 1.1) in 2003-2004)
      ? I "hope" to keep it under $300.00 , $250.00 would be better
      (and I am seeing combo USB 2.0 Mixer-Audio Interfaces as well) I like Tascam but research (unless a brand new release US-1800 is Snow Leopard Compatible I am skeptical of the US-800, US-1641, and US-144mkII (I have one device with SP/Dif and it would be nice to utilize it in a interface (though the Imac has SP/DIF in/out
      I do want to protect my computer speakers and have monitors
      so a interface has always helped. I would like a Power Supply as a option as well as Phantom-Bus power,
      So (2) Mic ins, (2) Instrument Ins (?with change to line in) (2) 1/4 outs (can be RCA) Headphone's ,
      my midi keyboard had snow leopard updates and is Midi in-out and USB + AC Power , and a Line 6 Podxt has Snow Leopard Updates, as well as a M-Audio Black Box does as well (long story on that) I am missing basically a way to get XLR microphones in and Monitors controlled and Basically keep the ins-outs away from the Mac except the connection, High Z ? as I do not have high impedance pickups (or EMGS if thats what that stands for, I have a Line 6 Variax 500 bit those are hexaphonic pick ups

      I do ramble (sorry) and maybe (after the AES Nov 5-7 th Convention and Namm comming in Jan 2010 more Snow Leopard Compatible Inrerfaces will be there and work right out of the box (My wish is a class compliant one where no drivers or driver updates are needed, the next step up from the midi keyboard I have is like that and thats the way to go(imo) if possible, and FW400 ( ? get a FW400(Device) to FW800Imac Cable if go that route as what I read while a tad slower in theory than USB 2.0 Music seems to like it, work better with it
      not sure what You think?
      Thanks Again


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        I took a look around the AES Section here on Harmony-Central Forums and spotted this Device(s) by Sound Design The USBPre2
        Going to look them up online!
        ? Audio Interface or Mic Preamp or Combo of Plus It's picture labeled #66 (or Group #66 on page 4) 5 photos
        Here is the link=

        David in Ohio



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          I know a couple of people with Presonus audio interfaces and I personally think they are very decent for the money. All of the Presonus stuff has 10.6 drivers (although they seem to be listed as 10.5+).

          There is a factory restock at MF for the Firestudio mobile at $249. Usual price is $299 which seems like a reasonable deal to me. My friend bought it's bigger brother for his new iMac (FW800 so get a FW800-->400 lead) and it sounds very good to me. 2 x MIC Pre plus an additional 6 inputs plus SP/DIF and Midi. Two balanced outputs for your monitors with phones and main output volume knobs on the front..

          You can never be sure when companies are going to drop support for their interfaces WHEN you upgrade your OS. That's just one of those things. I have always had a good experience with RME as they seem to not only update their drivers competently, but they seem to write them so they tend to work fine without an update when a new MacOS comes out. That's obviously generalising but it always seems a really smooth system to me. If Presonus have listed their drivers as 10.5+ and said they work fine with 10.6, then that's a good sign in my book.

          Regards. Rimmer
          "(The New Testament) is a work of crude carpentry, hammered together long after its purported events, and full of improvised attempts to make things come out right." Christopher Hitchens, R.I.P