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Help, drum software ?!?!?!

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  • turtletheyertle
    started a topic Help, drum software ?!?!?!

    Help, drum software ?!?!?!

    Ok, so im breaking into the world of home recording and im not looking to make the most professional recordings, but I want them to not suck. I just bought an m-audio omnistudio usb, which is great. I use garage band and either go direct or mic instruments. The thing is that i'm not a great drummer myself, and when my band records we mic the drumset and do it the right way, but I need to be able to throw stuff together at home. I need some kind of software that I can use to make drum tracks. my omnistudio came with reason, which I herd is great, but that is far too complicated. I need realistic sampled drum beats and I need to be able to create fills and make basicly the whole drumtrack of a song, and than put it into a track on garageband. Is there any simple userfriendly software that sounds real, and is not too expensive?

  • edeye
    ever tried virtual drummer?

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