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Why Is My Alesis I/O 26 SOO SLOW on Latency

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  • Why Is My Alesis I/O 26 SOO SLOW on Latency

    I recently reset up my studio in a new apt. It's exactly how it was a few months ago and it ran fine then. Now, the audio engine shuts down if you look at it. LITERALLY! I've even boosted it up 1024 buffer, which is useless. The most I've EVER had to boost it was to 512. I can't think of anything else I can do outside of buying a new interface, which I would really hate to do. I bought this in '07 for $350 I think. It's SOOO CLEAN!!, and FULL of features. Now, the only boxes out there that have these kinds of features cost right at $1,000. I was thinking about replacing it with the PreSonus Studio 192, since I already have the FaderPort8. Learning their Studio 1 ver. 3 is a bit to chew off coming from Sonar.

    Penny for your thoughts.