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Interface for MacBook Pro - specific needs

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  • Interface for MacBook Pro - specific needs

    Seeking advice for a new interface for MacBook Pro.
    1. Have 2 x input jacks that can both be switched between mic and guitar input. So you have the options - guitar+guitar, guitar+mic, mic+mic.
    2. Have 2 x headphone outs so when 2x guitars plugged in, both guitarists hear both guitars, including the backing tracks already laid down in Logic Pro X and the plugin effects being applied to each guitar.
    3. While recording 2x guitar cabs in studio via 2x mics, the backing tracks already laid down in Logic Pro X can be sent to PA in the room as a virtual rhythm section for the 2x guitarists playing through guitar amps/cabs.
    4. MacBook Pro only has Thunderbolt ports, so maybe USB - TB conversion cable needed. Native TB interface possibly more stable and faster.
    5. No interference beteeen the inerface's software and Logic Pro X. Just want it to route the signals and let Logic Pro X do all the mixing
    6. Having iOS & OSX compatibility a bonus. Be good if can also be used with iPad via Lightning connection.
    7. Very importantly, proven rock solid reliability when using with MacBook Pro

    I think Apogee Duet would do it but almost $1k here in Australia. I don't think Apogee One can do what is needed.
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    Check out the Focusrite Saffire Pro 40. It's got more inputs and outputs than you currently need, but will give you room to grow. It also has two decent preamps in it, which will save you some cash down the line. The converters are pretty good too. It's an above average interface. Alternatively you can get a smaller version of itself or it's cousin line, the Scarlett's.