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Best interface for Windows and MAC, with around 4 - 6 ins, 2 - 4 outs?

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  • Best interface for Windows and MAC, with around 4 - 6 ins, 2 - 4 outs?

    Hi, I am mostly going to be recording acoustic and electric guitar. When recording electric I usually use 2 inputs (two mic'd speakers, using external pres like GR 1NV), but sometimes I add a third direct input, and I can imagine other scenarios where an extra few inputs could be handy if recording with another guitarist, or violinist for instance. But nothing crazy. For outputs, I rarely need more than 2, but I can imagine possible need for extra monitor outputs, so 4 outputs would be ideal.

    My previous card was a Lynx2 C which is now unsupported, since I am upgrading my computer to a dual boot Windows 10 and MAC El Capitan. So I am looking for something of similar quality to Lynx.

    I also need my setup to be portable.

    I looked at the Lynx E44, but being an internal PCIe card, that is not ideal. Then considered the UAD Apollo Twin, which looks great, but too limited with I/O. And I looked at RME Babyface, but again, limited I/O. It almost seems like all companies purposefully don't want to sell good in between products, even though they know that something in between 2x2 and 8x8 is what would be the most practical...

    Also heard about SPL Crimson, but mixed reviews especially on driver stability.

    I am trying to keep it under $1000. I don't need tons of features. Would rather spend $1000 on a simpler piece of equipment that is simply rock solid at what it does - like the Lynx E44, but portable.