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  • About the Android ....

    Are they any application I could use my Android for recording , composing ( like Powertab) playing my guitar thru ?
    Any Free downloads or Ap suggestion ?
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    I just finished comparing multi-track recording apps from the Google Play store and the free ones are extremely limited or crippled demos of full featured apps. I finally installed the demo of Audio Evolution Mobile Studio and I've decided to pull the trigger for the $7.00 program.

    It seems to be the best of the ones I sampled and it has a LOT of editing features. I'm running an RCA 10" tablet with Lollipop and using an Alesis iO2 usb interface. If you're still monitoring this thread and haven't found an Android app you like, I'll post a review of the full featured AE Studio after I've used it for a bit
    I can't provide a link because leftists removed it from the internet.