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New audio interface 2015 (Not so popular but is the best!)

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  • New audio interface 2015 (Not so popular but is the best!)

    Hello!..Recently i bought my new audio interface Audient Id14 and i did a short review..Hope you like it!

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    I am in the hunt for an upgrade audio interface. My current old one is an M-Audio Fast Track Uktra. The Id-22 (and iD-14) seem to be getting great reviews. The pre's seem really good and compare well with the RME Babyface. The Babyface Pro isn't shipping yet. Not sure if the Steinberg is decent. I use Cubase ,so the compatability there is a possible plus. I am trying to keep it under 1K, but want the best I can get. Instead of buying separate expensive preamps, I was hoping to kill two birds with one stone by finding an interface that had pro levels preamps. Any suggestions, or observations on the interfaces mentioned? What am I missing? I am running Cubase on a windows 7 laptop.


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      The thing is that i really love that interface..One thinkg that i have noticed is that sometimes when i open the computer the sound doesnt sound immediatelly..I have to deisconect the cable and connect it again and then its ok..And something more i dont know yet for sure is that i i think it doesnt have so much headroom for reverb in voice but im not sure yet..