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Using the Alesis DataDrive with a MOTU Midi Time Piece II

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  • Using the Alesis DataDrive with a MOTU Midi Time Piece II

    Hi everyone - I'm brand-new here. I've got a problem with some obsolete MIDI gear that I didn't know where to find an answer on. Then I suddenly had the brainwave of looking up Craig Anderton, the guy literally who wrote the book on a couple of devices I still use and hold dear (Alesis MMT-8 and HR-16b) and it seems like posting something in this forum is possibly the best way of getting his attention. So ... here goes. Hi Craig!

    OK - so as the title says, I have an Alesis DataDrive in my rack, which like all of my other MIDI devices is connected with the MOTU MIDI Time Piece II. I'm using the DataDrive for the sole purpose of sysex backups, and when I set this up it seemed like an ingenious solution. I can just leave it in the rack, do a MIDI sysex dump from any device (HR-16, MMT-8, Roland JV-1080, whatever) and the DataDrive recognizes and records it, no need to mess around with cables each time. It's amazing! Well ... it's amazing, until I try and send data back to the device from the drive. Every time, the data comes back corrupted. Specifically, sysex data dumps for the MMT-8 and HR-16 have come back corrupted. I tested it by running backups with the DataDrive directly connected to the MMT-8 and the HR-16, and when it was connected directly it was fine. So the problem is something in the connection with the MIDI TimePiece II.

    Any ideas about what this problem might be, or how it could be resolved? An important point is that the MOTU MIDI TimePiece II is the one that can be programmed through the front window; it has a computer connection but I don't own a computer that's old enough to connect to it - I bought it with the idea that I would just program it through the front. But this doesn't expose the full range of programming options - so I'm limited in what I can do there.

    I realize I could just work around this by reconnecting the cables each time I do a data dump but the whole point of setting it up this way was to be able to avoid that, if possible - I already have a Line6 iPhone MIDI connector that I can do that with - my goal here was to have a setup I could just leave as is.

    Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Or is anyone familiar enough with the MOTU to have an idea of what's wrong, or what I could do to make this work?

    Thanks so much for reading ...

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