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  • M-Audio Fast Track Ultra USB Interface

    Hello my first post.Ok I needed a new audio USB interface I only had a M-audio Duo. It only has 2 ins and 2 outs . I've had it for some time and probably used it 3 times. So I've been reading hundreds of reviews on interfaces,I read a lot of bad reviews on about all of them. So I'd like to share my experience with you all.
    I bought a.[COLOR="red"]M-Audio Fast Track Ultra USB Interface. I read about it for a week before I bought one off Ebay.There were all sorts of bad reviews about there PC 's not seeing the interface.Channels not working on brand new one's.

    Ok mine took about an hr to set up on my Imac .I use Cubase essentials 5 and I went on You Tube to find out how to set it up easily a week before I bought one ,That helped a great deal. Then I could only get 4 channels to work .Then I remembered everything on this interface has to be set up through the software that comes with it. The Ultra Fast Control Panel. So you can see what is working and is not working on the complete interface all at once.Which I thought was cool , because now you can troubleshoot everything.

    So the sole reason I bought this is so I can take all of my tracks out of my Roland VS 1880 which has 8 outs and send them through the Ultra which has 8 in's into my Mac onto Cubase and now I can manipulate ever note in every track where as of course in the 1880 you only have one page at a time to edit from.I still like the Idea of having an external recorder. I've had a computer go down with a bad hard drive on a recording session .Yes I back up everything . I love my M-Audio Ultra Fast.