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  • Small Setup for Voice Over work

    Hello everyone,

    Audiobox USB is fail. Can someone please recommend a setup that is more reliable. I have a mic already, EV RE20. I am going to be using the setup for freelance voice over work. Bought a new laptop, Acer Aspire 5742. Windows 7 64 bit, Core i3, 6gb ddr3. Price is a consideration as I am just starting out. The problem I was having with the audiobox usb was latency, and weird distortion / feedback on every recording. I also will be using adobe audtion, so really all I need is a recommendation on a device to get the sound to the laptop in a semi-pro manner, with as little headache as possible. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I would say starting out with voiceover work is the time you need to spend some wedge to get equipment that will make it worth people employing you rather than using cheap equipment themselves (although the RE is obviously up to scratch for most people wanting that sound).

    Also. Voiceover what? Film? Local Radio commercial stuff? All will need a good understanding of the 'other' facilities that a voice over actor will expect. Simply having a decent mic run in to an 'affordable' mic preamp in to a laptop isn't going to get a lot of future recommendations if you think about it. Do you have a proper recording booth with all the trimmings etc??

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      The Audiobox USB should be perfectly adequate for what you are doing. The RE20 is a dynamic mic so turn off phantom power on the Audiobox - it is the 48v button on the front of the unit.

      Make sure that the Clip light on the Audiobox does not blink on when you are speaking forcefully into the microphone.

      I have heard that the Audiobox does not have enough gain for dynamic mics like the RE20 or Sm57, so the solution would be to put a preamp between the mic and the Audiobox. I would suggest that you get one that also has a compressor... the ART Tube MP is a good buy and quite inexpensive. The M-Audio Buddy is a cleaner preamp than the ART (also inexpensive) but it doesn't have a compressor. The Behringer MIC200 is another inexpensive preamp that has a vacuum tube and a limiter. If you can afford to spend more on a preamp, the options are many.

      Also, as Rimmer said, you need a good acoustic environment in which you can do the recordings. If you cannot afford a vocal booth, you can try a mcirophone filter like the SERF Reflexion Filter, or one of the similar products. I have one of these that I use and have recorded voiceovers for several commercials with it.

      Photo of mic in my studio with pop filters:

      Best regards, Jack
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