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  • Audio Interface for Live Performance

    Hey guys, so I have been using Reason for a long time now, and my goal for a while has been to use it (along with some other programs) in a live context as a Piano/Synth stand-in.

    Issue is that my new laptop's sound card gives me a fairly high latency, to the point that it is awkward trying to keep time with my playing as it comes through the monitors. I'm thinking a good USB 2.0 Audio interface might be able to give me a lower latency output, any recommendations?
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    I primarily use hardware (mainly because I'm scared of laptops flaking out on me) but I just have an extremely cheap behringer uc-202. It got good review so I took a flyer on it. With Asio drivers I get decent latency (keep in mind your laptop may have some latency of its own). On the plus side, very cheap and very tiny. At that price get two backups though mine has never given the slightest problem on mac or pc. Con, it only has rca outputs so I use an adapter into my submixer. I'd have to compare it to a more pro interface to tell you if the audio suffers but I've never heard any complaints when I fire up B4II (usually it's more like "holy crap a hammond" )