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DMX 6Fire 24/96 Reinstalling problem

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  • DMX 6Fire 24/96 Reinstalling problem

    hey there, I wonder if anyone can help me!

    I've been using a Terratec DMX 6fire soundcard for some time now and that and my trusty Cubase I was always very happy and it's done me absolutly fine.

    Thing is I've just reinstalled windows and I downloaded the driver for the soundcard off of the Terratec website and resintalled the control panel but when I go to click on it it comes up

    "Could not initialize DMX 6fire hardware

    Is the driver properly installed?"

    Now I know this has to do with certain files from a previous installation that have to be removed manually and I got a very nice guide through of how to do it, but it was a guide for windows 2000 users and there seems to be some differences.

    For a start the inf folder that the .inf files connected to the soundcard are meant to be stored holds .pnf files instead. I'm not sure if it's the same thing or not but it doesn't matter as I have absolutly no clue what files are the ones connected to the DMX 6fire and hence don't know what to remove.

    The guide said you can right click on them and select remove butit doesn't seem to do that on XP with the .pnf files.

    I hope someone can help because I'm dying to get back onto Cubase and write some songs but it's not much use without my soundcard (Lego Star Wars II doesn't seem the same either without sound! )

    I'm Running Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2

    Thanks, any info will be a great help as there doesn't seem to be much about this topic on the net!


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    Ok I found the oemx.pnf files (0-4 in total!) with only blank setup info for 1 & 2 and actual .pnf files for 0, 3 & 4 but none of them seem to relate to the DMX 6fire.

    0 is for my linksys wireless adaptor

    3 is for my ATI graphics card

    and 4 seems to be some sort of service pack (Can't quite work out what!)

    Like I said 1 & 2 are missing with only blank setup information pages remaining.

    Still completely stuck! Does no one have any suggestions?



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      Personally, I've had nothing but trouble with the later Terratec drivers and my machine- I use 5.40 (with the 5.44 Propellerhead patch) from 2004 or 2005 (can't remember which) with my EWX 24/96 (same driver as your DMX).



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        ok. now what I did was go to the device manager after I downloaded the driver. click the yellow audio device - your card - then manually install the driver from the folder I donwloaded the driver to. terratec suppose you know that you have to move all the files of the driver folder to the windows folders. me I had no idea. I just tried to manually install it from that folder and boom - everything is up and runnin again.

        **************** terratec once again for being some no good theorists. this will probably solve about 99 % of the issues people have with the driver.