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Lexicon MPX-1 GUI/editor?

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  • Lexicon MPX-1 GUI/editor?

    I am looking for a Graphic User Interface for the Lexicon MPX-1. The MPX-1 front panel user interface is very cumbersome. Is there a PC based alternative that communicates via MIDI? What do other people do? Ditch the MPX-1 and use a plug-in? There has got to be a better way. I have two MPX-1s.

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    Only editor that i have found is that old WIN95 editor.. which seems not working well on WIN7 (with WIN95 compatibility mode).

    From sounddiver i found some posts which indicate that users have been searching solution for this years (your post was from 2002) and now i am looking exactly the same thing. MPX-1 is versatile and high quality processor probably with too many parameters to be edited from front panel with ease.

    Then there is
    But i have not succeeded to get any editor of soundquest working, ever. I don't like their user interface of the mainprog either. It seems to be designed by guys whos logic fights against mine. Everything is made to be slow and difficult to achieve, even simplest things.

    I wouldn't pay for that as i had no any use or success with free versions..

    So, there is huge amount of Lexicon MPX-1 users out there and from year to year all are struggling with same problem. Front panel editing is slow and cumbersome. But because quality of the effects is good, ppl. buy those 2nd. hand.

    And sell forward when they realize that they don't actually use it in its fullest?