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    How Low Can You Go?

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    The contrabass sax makes the bari I used to play look like a toy, but they're pretty rare. Even most saxophonists have never seen a contrabass model in person, much less played one.

    How low can they go? They're pitched an octave lower than a bari sax, which is itself pitched an octave lower than an Eb alto sax. The lowest note on a bari is a Bb or A (depending on the sax), but they're (both) Eb concert instruments, which means that they sound either an octave and a major sixth or two octaves and a major sixth lower than written. Here's their basic written range:

    Again, on some models, a low A is possible instead of the Bb written above.

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      I'd hate to schlep that one to the gig. But if you have one, you are assured for every job that calls for one

      I do know a guy who has one.

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