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  • SPAM-Brass and Woodwind edition

    Some basic points:

    1. Brass and Woodwind stuff only. I don't care if you have 10 free Apple iPhones and speak fluent Engrish, this isn't the place.

    2. Along with instruments and accessories, sheet music can be posted here.

    3. This can also be reverse SPAM-want ads, basically.

    4. Please indicate in some way that an item has sold. Strikeout, a SOLD mark, or even post deletion.

    5. Don't listen to anything Indofunkcity says.

    If you already have it listed elsewhere, a link is OK. Ebay links are welcome.
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    For sale:
    Tuba MP's
    Conn Helleberg, gold plated $30
    Denis Wick 3L, $30
    UMI, $10

    Euphonium/Trombone MP's
    Denis Wick 6BL, gold plated $25
    Denis Wick 4BL, gold plated $25
    Denis Wick 4 1/2AL heavy, $30
    Jupiter 1 1/2G, $20

    All are in good shape with the usual shank wear. The UMI and the Jupiter were only used once or twice.
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      Up for grabs is a Cello case that recently came into my posession.
      It is a very nice case Plush interior, pockets,Velcro straps for bows ect.It has wheels too.The only issues are one latch is missing,one is loose and one of the handles is loose easily fixable w/the right size hex nuts btw.And the front is a little scuffed.

      it is perfectly usable as is.I see these things are fairly expensive over $200 for a basic one.I'm letting it go for best offer or a possible trade for Guitar/Bass gear since I'm not a string player.This is a local pickup I live in the Northeast Wisconsin area.(US)pm me if interested
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        Any Clarinetists with mouthpieces they don't want/need? I'm interested in hearing what's available.
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          Clarinet key pads needed. pm me.


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            I've been after this for years, and it's been out of print even longer: I have the advanced etudes, but don't play professionally any more so don't have the chops or the practice time to manage those. I'm after a good playable/readable complete copy.
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              I'm selling my Superbone. I'd like $2,200 plus shipping.

              It's in really great condition. Some tire-kicking douche just checked it out today (it was his excuse to play one for 1/2 an hour with no intention of buying ) and I gotta say it sounded great. There's a little bit of wear on the 3rd valve slide, but no other blemishes on it that I can see.

              In addition, I'm looking for a Connstellation 28A long cornet.

              And finally, I *might* be interested in selling my Bob Reeves c2j if anyone's interested.
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                Bundy 2 alto sax , in great shape, just tuned up and ready to play

                http://cgi.ebay.com/Bundy-2-by-selmer-Alto-saxaphone-w-case_W0QQitemZ270209733646QQihZ017QQcategoryZ64455 QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem


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                  Trumpet: King 600 almost new, brand new case, barely used but valves arent stuck, slides work. mouth piece included.

                  price: 250 USD, will except offers! (does not include shipping)

                  PM me if interested
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                    lowered my price on the alto!


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                      I have a couple of tuba accessories left over from my playing days that I need to sell.

                      1. Humes & Berg Symphonic aluminum tuba mute. This is the smaller model, for 3/4, Eb, and F tubas. Used once. The corks were never applied and will be included. $90 plus shipping.

                      2. K&M tuba stand. This is the model for when you're not playing. Used, but in excellent shape. $70 plus shipping.

                      Offers considered.

                      Paypal is OK.

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                        HI Guys,

                        I just posted my 1970s Olds Ambassador on eBay. It has been a good friend, but its time to pass it on to another appreciative soul.

                        it's here:
                        http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110241079121&_trksid=p 3907.m32&_trkparms=tab%3DSelling

                        Sunburster, I hope it's OK to Post the eBay link. If not I'll certainly remove it.


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                          On Ebay:

                          Tone Factor Analogue Filter Mojo Hand Auto Filter 442 on ebay
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                            I have a brand new selmer cl301 clarinet (never used) and new gemainhardt flute (never used). $500 for set, or $260 each.


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                              I have a brand new selmer cl301 clarinet
                              is this in A or Bb??