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Guns n' Roses or Metallica?

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    Originally posted by Jonny_Q

    One good album? UYI 1 & 2 are both great, in my opinion. I listen to them even more than Appetite. Not that AFD isn't a kickass rock record

    UYI 1 & 2 are the best. November Rain is possibly the greatest rock song of all time.


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      Originally posted by Forbidden

      The Master Of Puppets solo is reatively easy if you can trem pick.

      Plus I'd like to see Kirk play Paradise City

      If you think he can't play as fast as Hammet, I'd have to disagree. What about that solo to Paradise City, like Forbidden mentioned? He plays that fast as hell. I'd name others but don't have the cd's right with me so that I could pick the really quick solos.


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        Originally posted by Forbidden

        I think Axl's voice made the band too, no Axl, no GNR.

        Definitely. Axl defined that band's vocals, but I don't see any one of them alone defining the band. Without Slash, Axl's nothing, without Axl....well, Slash has been productive and is still at the top of his game. Axl was definitely the anchor that pulled the band down, I think that the band would never have made it without him, but would still be together if he wasn't a psycho.


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          Originally posted by FlogRock

          Yes. That's how we judge music around here, didn't you know?

          Sorry man, I forgot about that...I WILL DO BETTER!!!


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            Originally posted by slashjimipage
            as far as the Axl being a psycho stuff, isn't that part of the charm of GnR? Would they be legendary with a normal dude just singing and never losing it on stage? GnR minus Axl would be like Sammy era Van Halen........****************ty.

            I think that Axl's psychotic outbursts are definitely part of GnR's charm. I've got a vid on my laptop of him bitching out a fan in the crowd for shouting something at him. It's hilarious. Axl being a bona fide nut, Steven Tyler passing out onstage, Led Zep throwing a TV in the pool, Slash holding the record for passing out more than anyone, that's the **************** that I think helps define a band or artist's personality. BTW, I hate Sammy Hagar era Van Halen. I just wish Axl's personality hadn't caused the band to self destruct. It's a fine line you walk, but you don't want the shenanigans to get predictable either.....**************** it whatever.

            "The world went to hell in a handbasket the day David Lee Roth left Van Halen." ~ Michael Binkley

            Truer words were never spoken.


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              Originally posted by bongfodder
              Wow GnR is ahead,I wish I could vote twice.Oh well I brought Metallica one closer.

              No contest in my opinion,never heard a GnR song come close to even the oldest Metallica song I've heard (Hit the Lights with Dave Mustaine).

              Slash plays slower than Hammet but I don't think that makes him better,bringing melody to a solo in a song at 220BPM (Master of Puppets)isn't something alot of guitarists could pull off.

              And to those who keep posting that Kirk Hammet is gay,why are you so interested in his sex life?I don't think he's gay but who cares anyway?

              You must've never heard Welcome to the Jungle, Paradise City, Sweet Child o' Mine, It's So Easy, Bad Obsession, Back Off Bitch, Dust n' Bones, Perfect Crime, November Rain, ESTRANGED!!!, Coma, Civil War, Double Talkin' Jive, or Garden of Eden.


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                Originally posted by DropD48
                umm if i was in a band i would put record sales and money ahead of everyone and everything

                That's why you're band's not ever gonna make it.


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                  rocket queen never gets mentioned


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                    Originally posted by pos69sum
                    rocket queen never gets mentioned

                    Sorry, forgot that one.

                    ROCKET QUEEN, one of my all time favorite bass intro's, and an excellent slide job by Slash.


                    • Originally posted by Forbidden

                      The Master Of Puppets solo is reatively easy if you can trem pick.

                      Plus I'd like to see Kirk play Paradise City

                      Kirk could play the Paradise City double time solo in alternate cycle 6,it's mostly 8ths and triplets.
                      "Be like the sun at midday".


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                          Originally posted by STEEL KAGE
                          Tell me about it, the subway was so hot that my Junk was doing the Breastroke!!!

                          Good dealz with deftoneboy, Big Hair, maiden_fan, Si, Mr R Gecko, Jakkeh and kristo.


                          • Metallica all the way.
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                            • Originally posted by slashjimipage


                              E-0 (pm)

                              I would love to hear you play the entire Master of Puppets album at speed... oh yeah, and sing it at the same time.

                              Sence its so easy and all.
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                              • I have no idea how people can say GnR is better than Metallica.

                                Hetfield is 10x the frontman Rose is. Rose just acts cocky and **************** in typical cock-rock strut fashion - James gets the crowd going like no other.

                                Slash is a decent guitarist but his riffs are pedestrian at best - and with all the talk about Kirk abusing the wah pedal, Slash does it many times over. Slash's solos are slow, basic, and sloppy. Kirk's are fast, memorable, and tight (at least on record).

                                Axl is also 10x the **************************** Lars is on his worst day.

                                Metallica has better songs, better members, better everything.
                                - Sean.

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