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Guns n' Roses or Metallica?

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  • Originally posted by Megadeth7684
    Old Metallica > Any GNR

    Any GNR > New Metallica

    You took the worlds from my mouth
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    • I dig both bands alot, but if I had to choose one....Metallica.


      • Originally posted by HALSAM00

        You took the worlds from my mouth
        You had worlds in your mouth?

        Um...any new planets per se or are they just dwarfs?


        • G N' F'n R!

          By the way, didn't Gn'R headline that tour with Faith No More and Metallica?
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          • I voted for axl's shoes!!!


            • Back in the day, my friends and I went to see Faith No More, Metallica, and Guns 'N Roses at Giants Stadium. Every band was very good, but Metallica was the best. They were the second best band when I saw the Kingdon Come, Metallica, Dokken, Scorpions, and Van Halen Monsters of rock show at the same venue (again, everyone was really good...and the Scorpions were the best that day, but Lynch was best guitarists, go figure).

              But my taste in music has vastly expanded and moved away from most of these bands. In fact the only two that I either do or would still listen to are Faith No More and Metallica. Everyone else just seems so rooted in the moment, the music has merely gotten older, not "aged." Both good bands, but Metallica's first four albums are legendary, and GNR has yet to release four real albums (EPs don't count).

              In the end, however, I'd rather listen to Neil Young.


              • Originally Posted by lewey

                it's a very small hummer... it's like honda crv or something... doesn't have the presence and threat of H2 on the road

                not the best vehicle to scare homos in miatas