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Screw Westinghouse and their damn TV's..

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  • Screw Westinghouse and their damn TV's..

    Last time I ever buy anything they make.They have s h I t t y  a s s customer support. On there site they have a notice they are experiencing a heavy load of customer support calls.There no freaking phone number on there and all you can do Is either e-mail them are  fill out a service request form.That was almost a week ago and haven't heard back from them.SEnt them a e-mail today saying  fix  my god damn TV.

    Probably have  heavy load on customer support because people bought their s h I t t y  TV's for holiday and have problems with their crap TV.


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    I believe they were a top notch company in the 1940s


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      rickenvox wrote:
      I believe they were a top notch company in the 1940s



      I didn't even know they still made Tvs


      Sharp is the brand you want...I just bought my second one in the 60" flavor, only due to my kid putting his head through the screen of our 52" or whatever it was, that was 6 years and counting with zero issues.

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    Originally Posted by Prages

    I think everyone in the world has been lonely at some point in their life...and most of them could have probably written a more betterest song about it.

    Originally Posted by tiger roach

    Once my mom told me not to go outside because there was a bird fight going on. I thought, "Bird fight, WTF? She can't really think I would fall for that crap." So I went outside anyway and a bird pecked me on the head.

    Originally Posted by gennation

    Negatory, even dressed as a man I'm more of a man than you.


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      They are one of the flagship American brands who gradually offshored their production to China, and their customer service to India. Their CEO's get paid overmuch to return quarterly profits, but no one has had a hand on the long-term tiller. They have gutted customer loyalty by slapping their logo on low-quality products.

      Now they're just another has-been brand like Black & Decker, Xerox, IBM, Gibson, etc