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Kansas - forgotten in the dusty bins of prog rock history?

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  • Kansas - forgotten in the dusty bins of prog rock history?

    I don't know if it's their name, their look, the fact that their not from England?

    The fact that Dust In The Wind was jammed down out throats by FM radio in a most cruel manner.

    But Kansas was a stellar band and they do not get the props they deserve.

    I've been listening to their earlier stuff and albums up to the incredible live album "Two For The Show"

    there just isn't anything even close to what these guys were doing... that came after.

    Kansas were the last ones in of the great Prog bands from the 70's and maybe that's why they dont get

    the same recognition as Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, ect. ( I would agree their body of work is smaller).

    But the fact is ..they put out a string of 4 albums in a row that are stellar.

    Masque, Leftoverture, Point Of Know Return, and the amazing live document Two For The Show are beyond reproach.

    Their first 2 albums Kansas and Song For America are almost good enough to be included in that string of great albums.

    And they do have a truley American signature sound, and influence to those works that their English counterparts obviously do not posess, making Kansas somewhat unique....American Progressive Rock.....not as plentiful as U.K. progressive rock by any means.

    It's easy now to look back now and see that these bands were taken for granted by some.

  • noisebloom

    Never got into them, I'm not sure why, because I was heavily into Rush and Yes at the time. I think it was probably because FM radio in the 70s and 80s played their two most notable songs and that was it. I unfairly stereotyped them into the same realm as Styx. Years later, when Steve Morse joined for a time, I somehow thought it was a step down for him, rather than a lateral, fully logical move.

    In order to fully know Kansas, I needed to reach beyond those two songs. Every now and then, I hear something different from Kansas -- melodic and technical, but not masturbatory -- which floors me and has me think, "OMG, that's Kansas!? Wow!" And then like the wind, it's gone. So I really, really need to explore their work.

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  • Into Nation

    I remember seeing these guys back at their peak.  Steve Walsh had a holster for his mic and would run around the stage like a madman.  There may have been cola involved...

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  • Pine Apple Slim


    Have the 1st one, liked it pretty good, as I was into Yes and King Crimson at the time. I  got really burnt out on "Dust in the Wind" and those associated song later on tho.

     "Can I Tell You" into JJ Cales "Bringing it Back" gets me going still.


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  • lefort_1

    I generally draw the line at the fourth original album... but that's because of the Dust in the Wind overexposure.

    Having grown up on this stuff, as it was coming out. I agree with most everything you say:


    btw, I don't care what anyone sez, I still want an L6S

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