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Any good folks here have any clue or at the very least some idea about this "theory"?

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  • Any good folks here have any clue or at the very least some idea about this "theory"?

    The Big Bang
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    First there's no space, nevermind no time, mass, energy or potential, and then it blows up and better yet here we amded.

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      Oh one more thing, The no time part. Any hack lawyer could prove it therefore never happened.
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        The big bang is more a cop out than an actual theory, in...there was this explosion, and suddenly there was all this stuff...
        Since matter can neither be created nor destroyed [Antoine Lavoisier, 1785, The Law of Conservation of Mass-Energy], just transmuted, then the thing that blew up must have contained all the mass of all the known galaxies in all the universes...including all the 'dark' matter...which would mean there was some other existence prior to have accumulated all that mass into one point. Since no one has a clue as to how that happened, tehy float all these theories until someone figures out the truth.
        "We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties due to reality fluctuations. The elves are working tirelessly to patch the correct version of reality. Activities here have been temporarily disabled since the fundamentals of mathematics, physics and reason may be incomprehensible during this indeterminate period of instability. Normal service will be restored once we are certain as to what 'normal' is."

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          It's my favorite TV show. Seriously, daddymack has covered it about as well as anyone. Nobody has a clue where the original stuff came from, or what was going on or for how long before the Big Bang happened.
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            Very good! So this then verifies that kooks are to a degree limited here on HC.

            Even Mr. Albert Einstein went to his grave in utter disbelief of this nonsense in regard to a infinitesimal quantum singularity that somehow suddenly and magically appeared in the infinite void (space) with nowhere to go but of consequence perpetually expanding in all directions - as the simpletons might conclude.

            The Big Bang THEORY

            Believe me, I have a great deal of confidence in the ology of physics and theoretical mathematics as I spent 8 long years formally studying it all while attending the university. However we all are at the mercy of the human manufacture of this paradox called time. Take it for what it's supposed to be but time is non-existent when attempting to understand why and how the universe works, and for what reason?

            Ex: How does one detect a black hole (stellar, super-massive, or miniature)? In practice and in theory we can't. With its apparent infinite mass (stuff, matter, whatever makes sense for you) and its apparent infinite Gravitational pull such that light will not escape its event horizon, weird ha? Sincerely think about this and this is why. However our everlasting astrophysicists know very well that the Universe contains a infinite number of these strange black holes. We have a super-massive black hole right here in our neck of the woods - the Milky Way. Moving forward since light is a wave and has no mass, how can it be trapped and ensnared by the Gravitational pull of a black hole (the answer is beyond our scope here, for now)? So what did Stephen postulate? He realized that since we can't detect its reflection (as in regular stars) then we must find a way to detect its Gravitational waves that it constantly emits. Hence we have Hawking Radiation. Remember mass is measured by its "stuff" (matter) and light has no "stuff". Weight (pull or Gravitational attraction) is measured on a scale.

            As mentioned earlier here information is never created nor destroyed - also known to us as the conservation of quantum information. With the process of logical pragmatic predicate discrete mathematical proof (in some instances referred to as Boolean Logic) we must first identify and calculate its entropy. This should be its accepted disorder, randomness and its uncertainty, i.e. its quantum levels. Then the focus is to follow by determining its usefulness as a thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system's thermal energy and then this will disclose and impart its ultimate potential for its simultaneous (exist at two independent locations at the same time) quantum replication and reconstruction. In other words, the information has always been there. Thus the notion of the existence of a Universe is ubiquitous and timeless.

            For the mathematical folks here (applied or theoretical) a good study that unifies much of this what may seem to some as rigmarole with general relativity and quantum mechanics/physics (the grand unification theory or the GUT) is the focus on very complex differential and partial differential equations. Then direct couple this focus to abstract communicative rings with unity containing no zero divisors. Otherwise in all likelihood if this were to occur (and it does occur in the unbridled Universe), all of our laws of physics and our mathematical hard lined principles will cease to exist in this realm and be of no worth to us.

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