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My coldest band rehearsal ever!!!

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  • My coldest band rehearsal ever!!!

    We practise in a large warehouse-type building, heated only by a wood burning stove in the middle. The place is about 60' x 60' or so, high ceiling, no insulation.

    It was around 22 degrees inside when we started, and got colder as we played (it got down to 11 last night). The guitarist & bassist were having to tune every song or two, and once the guitarist's left hand just fell off the fretboard in the middle of a riff. We were laughing our asses off at ourselves. There were a few riffs & runs I just couldn't get my hands to work with, too stiff. The drummer did alright, and the singer sounded great.

    My Ventilator had trouble staying on the slow speed; it kept going to full brake when I'd kick it down to slow. I don't know if that was from the cold, or just a bad cord, although errythings pretty new there. It worked fine on fast.

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    It was a trip watching the singer's breath condensing in the cold. I use a foam pop filter on my mic, and it got frost on it from my breath.


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      dayum that's cold
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        I'm too spoiled for that ****************.
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          My beers stayed cold, that was a plus.

          I was wondering how the LCD displays on my keyboards would fare, but they were fine.

          I was very careful about adjusting my mic stand so as to not crack the plastic.


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            Reminds me of a few marching band gigs when I was a kid. Metal instruments that you have to blow into aren't much fun in the cold.


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              our workshop is similar.we installed a wood burner last winter which was fine if you were standing around it but it was still damed cold.fortunately its summer here so no worries for a while.
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                The fluctuations in humidity will also wreak havoc with wood instruments. I like it colder than most people but around 65 or so.

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                  we used to practice with a salamander whatever tey were called


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                    I've been through that. For 12 years we played Stampede Breakfasts as well as afternoon and night gigs - our record was 29 shows in 12 days. My poor bass took a heat-pounding. Most shows were outside so cold mornings; blazingly hot afternoons; and cooling nights were throwing our tuning out of the window. Even the drums needed tuning daily.