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I guess the St. Louis Bail Project will have to cough up another $995,000. now.

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  • I guess the St. Louis Bail Project will have to cough up another $995,000. now.

    "No one could have predicted this tragedy."

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    I could see it work for smaller crimes, but murder.

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      Can they get their money back?
      Workin' for the woman with money in her hand.


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        Originally posted by hammergjh View Post
        Can they get their money back?

        Well, he didn't skip a court date, so probably.


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          This was in the local (St. Louis) paper, the Post-Dispatch, and it's been discussed on local "public affairs" tv. The guy was in jail for misdemeanor assault, not murder. A judge, who AFAIK was aware of his record, decided he was eligible for bail, in accordance with the U. S. Constitution. Without being unnecessarily political, it's a fact that "justice" is different if you're poor or a minority, and God help you if you're both. A white guy with money wouldn't have spent any time behind bars at all and would probably still be a free man. What happened sucks. Nobody is saying anything else. I hope everyone involved learns from it so something similar doesn't happen again. But denying people bail because you don't like them isn't the solution. If you have anything else to say, let's take it to HCPP, okay?
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