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The Oscar went to Rami, but the Queen movie went to ...............

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  • The Oscar went to Rami, but the Queen movie went to ...............


    You are reading the text of a person who is a bona-fied Queen fan from way way back.
    I know more about this group, (personal details) then you know about your mama.
    Ive seen Freddie LIVE 3x.
    I met Brian May.
    So, i kept hesitating to see the movie, because i felt it would be a disconnected from the truth situation, and would be more about exposing the idea of "gay is ok", then really being a movie that Queen fans could relate to, and other's who are new to this genius band, could believe was a real attempt to factualize their real story.
    While this movie was in the theaters, i kept bumping into people who loved it, and kept telling me "you need to see it".
    I had 2 different managers in 2 different Guitar Centers, telling me how great it is, and one of them telling me how i would "cry in the end".
    But, i just kept hesitating.
    Then, it was gone from the big screen, and so, i rented it from RedBox.
    One of the first things that i watched on the screen that never happened, was Freddie proposing to Mary and giving her a ring.
    Thats good movie, but its not good facts.
    It is true that he loved her and its true they were more then friends his entire adult life, and he did give her his 28 room mansion and money to last a lifetime...., and was with her just before Queen's 2nd manager introduced Fred to the NYC Homosexual bar scene, that became Freddie's addiction that killed him.......however....he never actually proposed to her.

    In an interview from about '81, and a few years before he was diagnosed with "GRID", that was later "politically corrected" to "AIDS"< Freddies said....."i love to go to NYC and Slut Myself".
    So, sluts pay a price.
    Freddie paid the biggest price of all.

    I got to the scene where Freddie is incorrectly ( in the movie) writing "Somebody to Love" at the piano, in the studio where they were about to record the prior Album that gave you BoRap.
    So, that was myth.
    Myth, also was Freddie looking (lustfully) at some truck driver who is about to go into a public toilet.
    Maybe the director, who is a homosexual, thought this was a funny way to alert the audience that the "gay stuff is about to enter the movie"... ???????
    At that point I was already tired of the movie's inability to keep the facts right, or on any type of line of continuation regarding what particular events happened in their actual timeline.
    This movie had Queen doing songs from later albums, in the first half hour, and that was the very beginning of the band, when none of these songs even existed yet.
    So, anyway, as soon as the guy in the studio decided to give Freddie a smooch, i ejected this incredible theatrical farce.
    And the guy playing Freddie?
    He looks like vintage 1972 Mick Jagger.

    Oh well.
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