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  • Badda Book, Badda Boom

    Is anyone else as sick of this guy as I am?

    Seems like a lousy ad campaign if you ask me. The guy is arrogant. He a lousy manager because in every ad he puts down one employee to make his badda book point to the other employees. Can't stand the guy. Can't stand that type of manager.
    George Washington was the man who never told a lie. Richard Nixon was the man who never told the truth. Donald Trump is the man who doesn't know the difference.
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    Can't say I've seen the ads but I agree. I've been a supervisor and manager, and a big part of my management style was learned from having bad supervisors and managers. It was a years-long course in what not to do. A good boss makes you a better subordinate and brings out your potential, and he/she doesn't do it by focusing on how much you suck.
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      Praise in public, chastise in private.
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