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  • Musical Narcissism?

    So I have this thing where I absolutely adore listening to my own music. Yes, it's weird, I realize that, hence my post.

    I'm not talking about recordings of the bands I've been in. Some of those are pretty good too, but it's not the same, because I wrote almost none of that material and only performed on it in a 'side man' role. I'm talking about multi-track recordings I've made at home by myself. Guitar, keys, bass, drum machine type stuff. I think I did a couple of recordings by "overdubbing" with two cassette decks. I later had a Teac (pre-Tascam) 4 track open reel, and of course I've had a couple of cassette 4 tracks. Then of course I transitioned to a DAW and interface recording setup.

    I'm primarily a guitar player, but can mash keyboard keys, fumble on bass guitar, and press buttons on drum machines. So I've thrown a few musical pieces together over the years, and almost always just love listening to them. There's just something magical about hearing your own stuff multi-tracked. I can listen to some dumb instrumental 'demo' I did ten times in a row and not get bored.

    And this past year, I've tried something new and terrifying - SINGING. There's a major cringe factor in hearing one's voice played back on a recording, but it seems to get better over time. My singing is not great, but it's not horrid either, so pretty good for someone with zero formal voice training, IMO. So, I accept that my singing isn't great, but it's decent and better than (IMO, of course) than some of the people I've played with in the past. I've only recorded a couple of songs with vocals so far, they're cover tunes. Writing lyrics requires one to be a poet, and I don't yet own a beret or other silly hat. I'm not ready for that just yet.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    I'd post clips, but my brain understands they're mediocre junk even though my ears and heart don't agree.
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    I wouldn't say that I'm better than the Beatles....they wrote some good stuff .....that's for other people to decide.
    It's not about money or popularity , although some money would be nice.


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      Poast some clips.
      Originally posted by MrKnobs
      God, that's beautiful man! And they say romance is dead!


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        Only "OJers" are allowed to post music here!

        What's an "OJer" anyway?


        You can go to SoundCloud and search for "Home Rec'ers" it's plural, but of course I'm the only Home recorder. There's a Johnny Cash cover song (with horrible singing) and a Bob Dylan song, but it's really a "cover" of the 13th Floor Elevators' version of the song. New improved version uploaded this morning.
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          Someone who drinks orange juice.
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