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How many Wimminz has you bedded down in your Life?

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  • How many Wimminz has you bedded down in your Life?

    I'd say only e few ligetmately, probably 10-15 or so whores before I stopped with that and began only covered non coital stuff. I alwyas did condoms..never ever had a VD.
    MY nephew came down last week from Dallas. He is one of the greatest succesful pussy hounds I have ever seen./ He estimates a thousand or more the has bedded down. He's about 50 now and he still lays 3 women a week, but qualifies that with saying he cycles through some of his old lays, and not all are new pussy.

    My brother is also good with women, and he says about 200- he is 63. He is rich, and beds down much younger women ( not pros) on a fairly routine basis.

    Hard to believe, but I had an old Fireman friend who was 68 and got legitimate young tail on occasion - I saw him bed a 27 year old, and several good 30 somethings, he had plenty of money and was real good people person, whicxh I am decidedly not.
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    Not a whole lot in my woman career, so far.
    Originally posted by MrKnobs
    God, that's beautiful man! And they say romance is dead!


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      all night , every night party
      all night and day
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        Originally posted by crustoleum View Post

        all night , every night party
        all night and day

        That the way we roll in Massachusetts.

        Party on.

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          Somewhere north of 80.
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            Several, but only one that mattered.
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              Does it have to be on a bed?
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                Originally posted by tuco View Post
                Does it have to be on a bed?
                I think 'bedded down' means 'know' as in the Biblespeak, so no.

                does that info raise your 'bedded down' count?

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