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    This is the only game I ever played all the way through, but I liked "Noone lives forever" I & II.


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      Originally posted by Headbanger
      This is the only game I ever played all the way through, but I liked "Noone lives forever" I & II.

      I was going to mention it but you beat me to it.

      IInd part is so-so, but the first is a jam. I've been playing it every Christmas since it came out. It just never bores me.


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        Alien Vs Predator 2 - the first game didn't have any story line at all it seemed, but the second one has a great intricate story line... the story for each species is linked together...

        if you like the movies and liked the way that it was going (ie: the company wanting to get hold of the alien for bio-weapons research) then you'd like this story too I think... shame they didn't follow it for the movie

        it's not a really scary game unless you play as the marine though
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          metal gear solid

          poor meryl
          XT Brotherhood

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            System Shock
            Planescape: Torment


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              Adventure gaming is about STORY:

              The longest Journey
              The ward
              Syberia I and II
              All the Monkey islands
              Early Sierra
              Blade Runner
              The Tex Murphys

              All kickass stories
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                Knights of the Old Republic

                Max Payne (1&2)
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                  Best storylines in a video game?

                  Jade Empire
                  Knights of the Old Republic (the twist about 2/3rds through the game rules)
                  Knights of the Old Republic 2 (although the ending sucked)
                  FF VII


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                    1. FF7
                    2. Deus Ex
                    3. System Shock 1 & 2
                    4. the Thief series

                    Honourable mention - baldur's gate 1&2


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                      I don't play games, but my brother does and if there's one game's story that just fascinates me it's the Metal Gear Solid series. They have by far the best story line I've ever seen, even better than Resident Evil.


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                        Abes Odysee


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                          final fantasy 3 easily

                          best soundtrack of any game as well

                          (or six if you are anal about the japanese numbering)
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                            Originally posted by Fastcat
                            I always thought Out Of This World had a pretty interesting story, it was told via cutscenes but it had some neat artwork and unique environments.

                            Wicked game. One of my all time favourite game memories.
                            I played that on the mega drive in about 1990 or so. It was called 'Another World' over here and the sequel to it was another classic I loved called ' Flashback' with Conrad Hart as the person you controlled.

                            I'm a complete point 'n click adventure gameaholic. Apart from quake 3 and quake4 which I play online ( Q3 for the last 3 years online) everything else is single player adventures.

                            Some good ones I played recently are:

                            Syberia 1 and 2
                            Voyage ( awesome game based on jules verne story to the moon)
                            Return to mysterious lsland
                            The Black Mirror
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