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How socially liberal are you?

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    pretty **************************** liberal


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      I don't think the word "liberal" applies here.

      This seems to be about how "crude" you are, or how much "crudeness" you'll tolerate in others.

      Terry D.
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        I've lived in Iowa all my life, but my family is still has rigid Norwegian values. Pretty uptight and we never talk about feelings, or sex, or anything 'vulgar.' I have no problem talking about that stuff with friends or acquanitances, however. Something like Goatse might make me flinch.


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          Originally posted by Lee Flier
          In general I'm all for open conversation about just about anything and it doesn't "offend" me in itself, but I also think there's a time and a place for these things; there's a lot that I wouldn't discuss except with people I'm close to. I also think that some people go out of their way to start conversations that they know will push other people's buttons, just for the attention or to be mean spirited, and that bugs the **************** out of me. There IS a difference between being uptight/easily offended, and wanting to be treated with civility and respect (although some people try very hard to blur that line). "Too much truth" CAN be a subtle form of trying to control others. And there are some things that probably ought to outrage us (there are good reasons to be outraged) but we've become callous to them in the name of "social freedom" - I don't think that's good.

          +1, well-said, and I agree in full.



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            I'm so conservative that I'm liberal, according to liberals who know me. I say take away everything that doesn't condne life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and isn't harmful to others, That's right, no religions..I'm too conservative to be swayed by such modern ideas as those that religions spawned from.
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              Originally posted by Stocklin
              that might include taboo of some sort.

              The hell with taboo's!! WTF is that? Something you can't or shouldn't talk about? ****************, if it exists, it's part of life, and it can be discussed.

              I don't go out of my way to offend people ('cept on OJ when I feel like acting the prick)! However, I can and will talk about pretty much anything. If you got a problem with that, you don't have to join in the conversation. But if I'm not insulting you or something, what's the problem?

              What's un-talkable? Scat butt sex? Hey, if you wanna talk about it, go ahead, I'm all ears, but it doesn't mean I have anything to contribute. Paedophilia? ****************, that is horrible, but we can talk about it. Incest? Beastiality?

              I firmly believe that the less peeps keep things suppressed, the less peeps we have in closets, the less peeps we have with skeletons in them, and the more open a society is, the healthier it will also be!

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                Originally posted by MrKnobs
                I don't think the word "liberal" applies here.

                This seems to be about how "crude" you are, or how much "crudeness" you'll tolerate in others.

                Terry D.

                (Everybody knows this is nowhere)